18 May 2016

IRS Scams!

Please read this and pass it on to your friends and loved ones!

A day ago, an acquaintance of ours was scammed out of over $14,000! The caller claimed to be from the IRS… Most of us have heard of these types of scams. They told him that he had X amount of minutes to pay what he owes or he will get arrested after the time was up (that very day) and his assets seized. There were many red flags with the whole thing, but they played on his fear. Seniors and immigrants are easy prey for these scammers (usually out of India). What might seem obvious to you might not seem obvious for someone else.


Details Update: During the call with the scammers, he received a call from "911" (his Android phone screen turned red and it said "Emergency Call"). The man claimed to be a sheriff, provided a badge #, and said he had a warrant for his arrest for tax evasion. They had to have spoofed the 911 #, but this made the fake IRS call seem more credible (and more frightful).