01 Jan 2016

Hello 2016!

Hello friends!

Thank you for a great 2015! Our computer shop turned 4 last year (before our shop, we just did house-calls)… It doesn't feel like 4 years though.

We haven't been posting much to our website or Facebook. Ever so often, we update our testimonials (thank you for them!). Of course we're too busy at our shop with repairs to worry much about social media. Our goal is still to provide fast and affordable PC repairs — done right the first time. And, that is what we plan to continue to do in 2016 — and forever!

We haven't touched our rates for exactly 2 years now. For 2016, we are raising the cost of our residential repairs by $5; from $80 to $85 (for our in-shop "base rate" and our on-site hourly rate). We hope you find our rate increase reasonable. The cost of just about everything for running our business has gone up.

Thank you for your business! Have a great 2016!