17 Dec 2013

12/17/2013: Review by Caitlin H.

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"Andrey is the best! My PC wouldn't POST for some reason. I tried cleaning the inside, swapping to my backup drive, and reseating the RAM, which is about the extent of my diagnostic capabilities. Nothing worked, so I brought it in for Andrey to look at. He was immediately able to test out a few things, and determined it had to be either the power supply, the processor, or the motherboard. The power supply tested okay, so he had me leave the computer with him. About half an hour later, he called and let me know that it booted fine when he used own power supply, so he used mine again, and it still booted fine. He suggested I just come back and pick it up, free of charge! It's hard to find an honest computer place that doesn't overcharge. No matter where you live, it's worth the drive to bring your computer here." 

— Caitlin H. (12/17/2013)

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