27 Nov 2013

11/27/2013: Review by Harry M.

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"I normally don't write reviews, however, I was so impressed with the great service that I felt compelled to share this information. During the windstorm earlier this month, my wife's PC lost power and I heard a popping sound (yes…we have surge protection). I couldn't restart the computer and was thinking that maybe we should just replace it. I first called Geek Squad, and they didn't want to even look at it. They suggested Best Buy, however, it would be almost $200 for them to look at it. That's when I turned to the internet and searched Yelp. At first, it was hard to believe that a business could have a "straight 5" rating, but I called Emergency PC Services. I was told that it sounded like the power source on my PC had blown out. The gentleman (I'm presuming it's Andrey) said they don't stock parts, however, if one of their used power sources fit, he would be able to fix it. If not, the diagnosis would be free. It turned out that he did have a used power source and within a day, Andrey had replaced it, as well as cleaning the inside of my CPU. It works like a charm with very minimal service cost. Thanks for a job well-done. I'm a big, big fan and would highly recommend this company to anyone needing repairs on their computer." 

— Harry M. (11/27/2013)

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