20 Oct 2015

10/20/2015: Review by Troy B.

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"When I needed to replace my computer, I paid the big box store (that shall remain nameless) where I “Best Bought” it to transfer the files. I told them that the most important thing was to get all of the music that I had imported on to my computer. It took them about 5 days longer then they said it would and the music didn’t get transferred at all. It was very disheartening considering all of the money that I spent on the music, plus the months of labor that I had put in downloading the original album art and forcing iTunes to alphabetize 5,062 songs properly. I had resigned myself to the idea that I would have to start over from square 1. After months of putting it off because I just couldn’t bear it, I found that most of my purchases were also missing from the cloud. In desperation, I started looking for a computer service place that could help. I called Emergency PCS after reading all the 5 star reviews. I got the answering machine and hung up without leaving a message, planning on driving down to see if they could help. Andrey called me back immediately, I told him my problem, and he said he could fix it but it might take about a day. I took my old hard drive and new computer to Andrey and he was able to transfer every single one of my missing files in 4.5 hours. In addition to doing the job right and much faster than I could have hoped for, he was very friendly and reassuring. Thank you Andrey." 

— Troy B. (10/20/2015)

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