02 Oct 2013

10/02/2013: Review by David S.

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"Well, writing yet another glowing review of this business is probably not going to change anyone's mind, but I had to do it. He has a very small store front in downtown Kent sandwiched between a Taco stand and a bail bondsman. Passed it many times and thought it was too tiny to be real. My bad. Appearances can be deceiving. There is nothing that is fly-by-night or unprofessional about this operation. I had a lap top with a broken CD drive that needed to be replaced. I took it down and — in a few seconds — Andrey figured out what needed to be done and pulled up a source for the broken parts on his computer, showed me that the pictures and part numbers matched exactly with what was broken, and offered to order them for me at his cost and then, since it was "so simple," he would install them for free. I'm thinking "Hey, I like saving money as much (or more) as the next guy, but I seriously want this marvelous human being to stay in business. He is way too efficient, professional, honest and fair, to risk losing." So I said 'Please, at least put your minimum labor charge on the invoice so you make something.' Why pay for somebody's fancy store front? If you are in South King county, this is the go-to guy if you have any kind of a computer problem." 

— David S. (10/02/2013)

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