20 Jul 2014

07/20/2014: Review by Shawn J.

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"Our computer would old and had a virus that gradually took over our computer and would not let us log in. We kept getting an error that the log in had failed. I took our computer over to EPCS and the owner asked me what was wrong with our system. I explained our computer was sick and was now showing an error when we tried to log in. He was able to turn on our computer and immediately diagnose the problem. He took our computer and saved the files to an external location. He then wiped the computer clean of all virus, worms and spyware. Once this was completed he loaded all the programs and drivers back on to the computer. He was also thoughtful enough to take off all the items that were pre-loaded on the system (when we bought the computer new) that were unnecessary and slowed the computer down (example … eBay software and 30-day trial games). He also noticed the computer ran hot and the fan ran all the time so he blew out all the dust so the fan would no longer run all the time. I dropped the computer off on 7/14 and picked it up on 7/15. When I picked up the computer the Owner turned on our computer and fully explained what services he had performed. He explained about spyware and great software to buy to protect our computer. He was also thoughtful enough to load a great anti-virus program on our computer that was free (from Microsoft and worked great with the Vista system that runs on our computer). He was professional, clear and concise. He answered each of my questions. He wanted to make sure I understood what services had been performed on the computer before I left the store. The computer now runs better than ever and all of our documents were saved and we are able to use the computer again!" 

— Shawn J. (07/20/2014)

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