26 Apr 2011

04/26/2011: Review by Stephen H.

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"Had a rapidly deteriorating desktop PC running Windows 7 installed as an upgrade to Vista. I'm no computer novice so I tried just about everything I could think of to diagnose the problems before declaring defeat and looking for a professional to help. After doing some research I found Andrey from EPCS. Reasonable, competitive rates and even more important, he could come to my house to provide service. I didn't feel comfortable leaving my system at a service location knowing that I wanted to follow the repair process step by step to be sure what needed to be saved was saved and what needed to be done was done. I knew I'd have to answer questions about how important it would be to preserve this or that archive and this or that application. I didn't want to do that over the phone or sitting in a service location. Andrey showed up on time at my house at 2PM on Friday afternoon. We discussed the problems I was having and decided to try to solve the problems without a complete re-install of the operating system and software. Long story, short, that didn't work. So after an hour or so, Andrey suggested rebuilding the system from scratch. I agreed. Again, long story, short, he did a magnificent job. Formatted the hard disk, installed Windows 7, Microsoft Office software, and at least 20 other programs pulled from the internet. Much of it was work I could have done if I had had the courage and been willing to sacrifice still another weekend to troubleshooting, installing, testing, etc. But Andrey was magnificent. His multitasking skills were a wonder to behold; downloading multiple applications, installing and configuring them and linking my Outlook Exchange email application to both my corporate and personal archives. (No mean feat considering that my firm is on the east coast and access to the IT department was impossible on a Friday afternoon.) He accomplished in four hours what would have taken me forty. The bottom line is that I assumed my desktop system would have to be replaced in the next six months, or so, just to refresh the technology. Now my four year old desktop is nearly as fast as my new quad-core laptop. All in all, I can't recommend EPCS highly enough. Even if you're like me and consider yourself a pretty knowledgeable computer user who can maintain a system without (much) assistance, Andrey's help is a great investment."

— Stephen H. (04/26/2011)

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