25 Mar 2015

03/25/2015: Review by Ali M.

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"OK – I did not get my computer fixed here. My Lenovo's screen went dim suddenly. All my computer friends dinked around with it and determined since they couldn't fix it, it must be a hardware problem. I took it in, and it booted up just fine in the shop, we chatted a bit about what it "might be" if it happened again, and I went on my way..

I got home, booted it up and tried to adjust the brightness and it did it again, so I took it back in. I got told it wasn't a hardware problem, they restarted it a few times and troubleshooted a possible workaround to use that didn't make the problem go away, but enabled me to adjust the brightness at bootup. I got free advice on what it might be software wise, what drivers I might want to look into checking, and a suggestion that resetting it to factory settings might or not fix it, but that I should try that next..

While waiting I got to listen to a happy repeat customer chat with the guy behind the counter, and what I heard made me feel even better about the shop. I liked that he took his time to talk to me about the computer even after he determined it wasn't something that I needed him to fix/he was sure would be fixed by reformatting. He could've easily taken the computer, say he'd play around with it, reformatted it for me, and charged me if it worked, and not if it didn't – it would've been minimal effort for him and made him money. I really appreciated that he suggested I handle it myself.

Things seem to be back to normal after reformatting I don't HOPE any of my computers break in the near future, but if so I'll feel very comfortable going back here to get the work done.." 

— Ali M. (03/25/2015)

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