18 Mar 2016

03/18/2016: Review by Mac M.

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"I've been there three times. Once I was charged the shop minimum and the other two times he opened the case, gave me simple instructions AND parts lists to fix the thing himself. The second of those times was yesterday and I was having difficulties with my Ethernet connection. After talking with me about the problem and diagnosing it as a hardware issue he offered to do it himself for the shop minimum but, he said, it was a simple matter of popping a new card into some slots. He told me what to buy and how to do it. Within the hour I had bought the part and had it up and running. He saved me the shop minimum and cemented me as his customer. He's a mensch (Yiddish for "a person of integrity and honor.")" 

— Mac M. (03/18/2016)

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