31 Jan 2014

01/31/2014: Review by Nancy P.

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"It used to be that every household needed a good doctor, lawyer and auto repairman in their contacts. The older I get the more important it has been to add a computer technician to that list. I have always tried to support local businesses in and around my neighborhood. My first experience with a small local business was a disaster but it taught me how to ask the right questions and when to cut my losses. My "go to" techs then became the nice guys at a local big box store. But as time passed I began to get that smarmy feeling ….the one I remember getting from a couple of auto mechanics I've had the displeasure of dealing with. It wasn't the fault of the technicians so much as changing store policies and slick managers who I caught in out and out deception. So when I replaced our elderly XP with a nice little Dell with windows 7 on it for my husband I decided I did not want the stress of schlepping everything to the big box store to get stuff moved over to the new computer and I didn't want to do all the other hookups either. I had already talked to Andrey a couple of times over the past months with questions about diagnosing and repairs and was so impressed with his professionalism and customer service manner on the phone that I made note of this business which isn't far from where I live in Des Moines. After a quick consult at his shop in Kent, Andrey came to our home after work one evening. In two hours this whiz kid had our new computer up & running, the printer hooked up, desktop looking just like my husband was used to. He also shared some pointers, answered all my questions in an easy to understand manner, was neat, professional and just fun to have over. The cool thing is that now when something goes haywire with one of the computers I won't get that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach because I know I will have Andrey to help us. Oh and did I mention trust and reasonable pricing. It is so cool to have that level of honesty that everyone else has posted. It looks like we have a virtual Emergency PC Services fan club going on. Too bad he's married and my daughters are married 'cause I would be doing a little match making if they weren't….even though after reading his bio I know I would need to pay for his computer expertise. I like a man who knows his worth!" 

— Nancy P. (01/31/2014)

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