04/11/2014: Review by Pat B.

           "I took my computer in to be repaired. I had some programs that I lost, including windows 7. They did a fantastic job! I had them come to my home on a prior visit and he looked at my laptop and desk top computers. They are very professional and I would definately use them.. read more →

04/04/2014: Review by Mindy T.

           "Great service! Excellent turnaround! Would recommend to anyone!"  — Mindy T. (04/04/2014) Customer Reviews & Testimonials for Emergency PC Services read more →

03/07/2014: Review by Michelle J.

           "Can I just say, WOW! Andrey knows the computer world! We had a horrible virus on our computer. First thing I did was go to Google and try to fix it myself. Next I followed the steps and to my dismay it didn't work. We had used Andrey about a month ago for some.. read more →

01/31/2014: Review by Nancy P.

           "It used to be that every household needed a good doctor, lawyer and auto repairman in their contacts. The older I get the more important it has been to add a computer technician to that list. I have always tried to support local businesses in and around my neighborhood. My first experience with a.. read more →

01/24/2014: Review by Bethany N.

           "My daughter's laptop would not turn on. It was due to a faulty charger. They did not charge us and told us where to get the correct charger. Great customer service. Thank you."  — Bethany N. (01/24/2014) Customer Reviews & Testimonials for Emergency PC Services read more →

12/30/2013: Review by Yolanda R.

           "I got back the computer within 24 hours, and it works great! Thank you for the good job getting rid of all the viruses on my computer."  — Yolanda R. (12/30/2013) Customer Reviews & Testimonials for Emergency PC Services read more →

12/24/2013: Review by Gregory N.

           "I highly urge anyone with PC problems to use this company's services! Andrey was efficient and friendly and solved ALL of my laptop's problems! Thanks so much!"  — Gregory N. (12/24/2013) Customer Reviews & Testimonials for Emergency PC Services read more →

12/21/2013: Review by Robin A.

           "OMG! Andrey is the greatest consultant and tech. This is an honest business with a skilled practitioner. I highly recommend Emergency PC Services–they offer in-home, in-office work in the evenings and it is simply a terrific company to contact for any of your computer needs. Make no mistake, no one better nor more reasonably.. read more →

12/17/2013: Review by Caitlin H.

           "Andrey is the best! My PC wouldn't POST for some reason. I tried cleaning the inside, swapping to my backup drive, and reseating the RAM, which is about the extent of my diagnostic capabilities. Nothing worked, so I brought it in for Andrey to look at. He was immediately able to test out a.. read more →

11/27/2013: Review by Harry M.

           "I normally don't write reviews, however, I was so impressed with the great service that I felt compelled to share this information. During the windstorm earlier this month, my wife's PC lost power and I heard a popping sound (yes…we have surge protection). I couldn't restart the computer and was thinking that maybe we.. read more →