03/31/2015: Review by Gilbert A.

           "Wow, Andrey I was impressed. I was having a charging issue with my notebook. I did not know if it was a loose connection on the motherboard rendering my notebook almost worthless (not worth the extensive repair.) I was greeted warmly, explained my situation, very quickly he found a similar adaptor and tried it.. read more →

03/25/2015: Review by Ali M.

           "OK – I did not get my computer fixed here. My Lenovo's screen went dim suddenly. All my computer friends dinked around with it and determined since they couldn't fix it, it must be a hardware problem. I took it in, and it booted up just fine in the shop, we chatted a bit.. read more →

03/17/2015: Review by Kathryn D.

           "Fixed problems with my computer's DNS and other things I don't know about. 🙂 Fixed a fan that I had installed wrong, blew out all the dust and gave lots of really good information. Member Comments: I wish I could remember this guy's name. In any case, I've actually seen him twice, the first.. read more →

02/24/2015: Review by Lelya K.

           "Best experience I’ve had with computer repairs. Fast service and great staff!"  — Lelya K. (02/24/2015) Customer Reviews & Testimonials for Emergency PC Services read more →

11/18/2014: Review by Marison Z.

           "My bf and I went in to have our Alienware desktop looked at. We were so worried that the motherboard is dead. Turns out that the RAM sticks weren't plugged in all the way through. After Andrey put all the RAM sticks properly (my noob bf didn't do it correctly), the PC turned back.. read more →

09/19/2014: Review by Valdis J.

           "Despite all my "expert with computers" friends, none detected the problem with my non-functioning laptop. In less than two minutes at Emergency PC, they discovered it was my video card… for free. They have won my favor, and I suggest anyone with PC maladies go here for their service."  — Valdis J. (09/19/2014) Customer Reviews.. read more →

07/20/2014: Review by Shawn J.

           "Our computer would old and had a virus that gradually took over our computer and would not let us log in. We kept getting an error that the log in had failed. I took our computer over to EPCS and the owner asked me what was wrong with our system. I explained our computer.. read more →

06/12/2014: Review by Richard B.

           "Fixed anti-virus software problems on two laptops, cleaned up hard drives, installed additional anti-virus free programs, installed ad blockers. Andrey Rozmaity, the owner, came to my home in the evening of the day I contacted him. He was very professional and pleasant to work with, besides being really knowledgeable. I will use him again.. read more →

06/11/2014: Review by David S.

           "Installed new PC, Printer/Scanner/FAX, transferred all data from old hard drive…set it up exactly as I wanted, provided wonderful use advice and tips….truly amazing and worth every penny!!! I am older and very limited in my computer knowledge and use…but it is critical to my work and private life….Andre is a gem!!! He knows.. read more →

06/05/2014: Review by Dave S.

           "Andre is a true professional in every respect: resonsive, accommodating, a real wizzard with the hardware and software…and very reasonble!!! Most highly recommended…also, he is a very nice guy!!!"  — Dave S. (06/05/2014) Customer Reviews & Testimonials for Emergency PC Services read more →