02/19/2011: Review by Jeary F.

           "*****" — Jeary F. (02/19/2011) Customer Reviews & Testimonials for Emergency PC Services read more →

02/15/2011: Review by Herb B.

           "I am the owner of Butterfield Plumbing, and we have 5 computers and a small file server. I was having issues with 3 of the 5 computers. One was having Blue Screen errors, another would get hung up when shutting down, and we were also having some problems with getting Quickbooks to properly share.. read more →

02/14/2011: Review by Teresa P.

           "Paul at Emergency PC Services did an excellent job fixing my computer. I called Emergency PC Services at 10:30 p.m. when my computer stopped working and several important files needed to be retrieved that night. He quickly came to my home and diligently worked on my computer until the files were retrieved. He was.. read more →

02/09/2011: Review by Vallery M.

           "Thank you for fixing my computer (I'm a bit belated in writing). That I'm using my laptop to send this message is its own testimony. I went almost a year without even being able to turn it on, until I couldn't stand it any longer. I called Paul at Emergency PC, and he drove.. read more →

01/28/2011: Review by Joe P.

           "Thanks for your excellent service! Before I called you I took my computer to Best Buy (where I bought it). They said that my computer was so infected with viruses that they could not fix it and I would have to buy a new computer. I could not afford this so I called Norton.. read more →

01/27/2011: Review by Kathy S.

           "Andrey was very efficient, professional and pleasant to work with. I would recommend him to anyone. Take it from me he is the best." — Kathy S. (01/27/2011) Customer Reviews & Testimonials for Emergency PC Services read more →

01/10/2011: Review by Rob W.

           "I am an Australian scientist and my business brings me to Federal Way a couple of times a year. I rely heavily on my notebook computer so was aghast one day when I found it wouldn’t boot up. After finding EPCS on the web and checking out the testimonials, I decided to give them.. read more →

11/30/2010: Review by Mariette K.

           "Thank you Andrey for setting up the computer security in my office at Ballard Beancounters! As a tax professional I deal with a lot of sensitive client data, and security is very important." — Mariette K. (11/30/2010) Customer Reviews & Testimonials for Emergency PC Services read more →

11/29/2010: Review by Anna M.

           "With Seattle paralyzed by snow Andrey still made his way to the appointment to repair my dad's laptop that wouldn't even turn on. Within two hours Andrey had the laptop working again and a bunch of junk cleaned up so that the laptop now works better than ever :). My dad is so grateful,.. read more →

11/10/2010: Review by DVG

           "Andrey did a phenomenal job with my laptop after it caught a nasty virus that paralyzed it. I called him on a Sunday morning and he was able to be at my house early Monday morning to remove the virus and as a bonus, remove some other junk on my laptop to make it.. read more →