08/02/2011: Review by Amy S.

           "My home PC was severely infected with a number of bizarre viruses. Emergency PC Services responded quickly and immediately got to work. My PC had LOTS of issues so Andrey took it with him and gave it the royal treatment. Beyond the technical expertise, EPCS is extremely professional, responds in a timely manner and.. read more →

07/26/2011: Review by Michael L.

           "I highly commend Andrey for his professionalism and expertise. He handled the work I hired him for with great enthusiasm and speed. I'm definitely looking forward to giving him a call whenever a need for his services arises. Regards," — Michael L. (07/26/2011) Customer Reviews & Testimonials for Emergency PC Services read more →

07/14/2011: Review by Peter K.

           "I had a problem related to an outdated driver which caused my computer to freeze up. Very annoying. I had Paul come in and he updated the driver and cleaned up some malward and disabled some unnecessary start up programs. I'm pleased with the results and enjoyed working with Paul." — Peter K. (07/14/2011) Customer.. read more →

05/31/2011: Review by Bridget J.

           "Thanks again for fixing my laptop!" — Bridget J. (05/31/2011) Customer Reviews & Testimonials for Emergency PC Services read more →

05/02/2011: Review by Rob K.

           "Thank you to Andrey Rozmaity, He came over and in two hours, replaced our hard drive, installed Windows7, downloaded all of the drivers which are needed to run our specific hardware needs, and gave a few recommendations about the current anti-virus situation. — He saved us about $300 and a week of down-time from.. read more →

04/26/2011: Review by Stephen H.

           "Had a rapidly deteriorating desktop PC running Windows 7 installed as an upgrade to Vista. I'm no computer novice so I tried just about everything I could think of to diagnose the problems before declaring defeat and looking for a professional to help. After doing some research I found Andrey from EPCS. Reasonable, competitive.. read more →

04/16/2011: Review by Nate B.

           "It's hard to sum up how valuable Andrey and Emergency PC Services has been for my business. He is extremely generous with his time and resources in order to meet my needs in a time-efficient and economical fashion. Make sure and give him the opportunity to keep your business running at the highest levels!".. read more →

04/15/2011: Review by Dave G.

           "My whole business depends on my laptop and when it got a nasty virus and froze up, Andrey came to see me immediately and fixed the problem while also giving me several helpful tips to avoid catching a similar virus in the future. Andrey was very professional, competent and affordable. I can't recommend him.. read more →

04/09/2011: Review by Jennifer W.

           "I own a very busy medispa in Bellevue and we heavily rely on our computers. I called Andrey in a panic because our main computer had a virus and we couldn’t run any programs. He calmly showed up within the hour on a Saturday afternoon and got rid of the virus. A few days.. read more →

02/23/2011: Review by Lisa P.

           "I can't say enough good about Andrey. Another place couldn't figure out my laptop problems (blue screens), so I called Andrey, and he had it figured out right away. His prices are very reasonable, and he's a really nice guy as well. He didn't waste time, but went to work on all 3 of.. read more →