10/25/2011: Review by Lena P.

           "I don't know where to begin… Emergency PC Services saved my computer, thus my life many times. As a student I rely on my computer daily and when emergency arises, I panic. A little secret about myself: I know what to do in a cardiac emergency, but not when my computer is out of.. read more →

10/18/2011: Review by Dustin S.

           "My name is Dustin and I recently visited Emergency PC Services which is a computer repair shop located in Kent. My laptop fan stopped working, so I called and a very polite guy named Paul (owner) answered and told me it was a simple fix with a flat rate (which I love). He then.. read more →

10/17/2011: Review by Perry C.

           "I have used EPCS services three times now. All three times were in home services. Excellent service for either hardware or software help. Price is also good. Try them if you need help with your computer."  — Perry C. (10/17/2011) Customer Reviews & Testimonials for Emergency PC Services read more →

10/06/2011: Review by Mark S.

           "Andrey and Paul help me fix my laptop over and over until it was finally fix. They do such a great job on what they do and I trust them with any computer problems. Check out their site: https://emergency-pc-services.com Check out what they are all about. I would definitely come back if i have.. read more →

09/14/2011: Review by Amanda B.

           "My hard drive fried last week, so I did what any person would do, took it to those guys at Best Buy who shall remain nameless. They tried to charge me $500+ for a data recovery out of state. They also told me that it could cost up to $1600 depending on the damage… read more →

09/07/2011: Review by FaceTime SkinCare

           "Paul was the very qualified technician who came to my house – he was prompt and he got right to the job – fixed it quickly and then helped understand aspects to my security set up and pc. He was so helpful and easy to talk to – I never felt like he was.. read more →

09/07/2011: Review by William G.

           "Over the last year I've hired Andrey several times. I had issues with a laptop screen that needed to be replaced, networking problems, and most recently a graphics card problem. I have chosen to work with Andrey for several reasons…….Andrey responds immediately. If you call or leave a message he will get back to.. read more →

09/01/2011: Review by Derek S.

           "I have used Andrey with Emergency PC Services multiple times for my business and personal laptop. Thankfully never for emergency purposes. Every time he has been 100% professional in every way. His service is prompt, he explains things in a very clear and concise manner and he is very patient with all my questions… read more →

08/19/2011: Review by Darga T.

           "I engaged Andrey to tutor me on my computer. I am a physical therapist and I know muscles and bones well, but I am hugely clueless on the computer. He typically rescues people with computer breakdown issues, but in my case I needed to learn how to use Power Point for an imminent presentation… read more →

08/15/2011: Review by Anna M.

           "My dad showed up in Seattle with a laptop that he couldn't even turn on after a severe malfunction during the stop over at Heathrow….. I called Andretti and within the hour he and the computer up and running again while removing extra 'junk' that made it run twice as fast 🙂 Thank you.. read more →