About Us

About Emergency PC Services


We're a small team of computer technicians and we love computers and technology. We specialize it many types of computer repairs and services. We remove computer viruses, tune-up computers, backup data, recover data, replace laptop screens, repair laptop power jacks, and many other services. We can perform most of our computer repair services at your home, at your office, or remotely. Thank you for finding us and we hope that you turn to us for all of your computer repair needs.


Our History

Ever since we were kids, we took apart computers and built new ones (motivated by the prospect of playing computer games). Family and friends would turn to us for computer repair help and after many years of this — we got tired of fixing computers for free. We wanted to do something with our computer talents that involved getting fairly compensated for our work. In 2003, after graduating Auburn High School and starting college, Andrey decided to become a doctor. A PC doctor. He started his business and named it "PC Doctor." Most of his "practice" involved website work, so he changed the business name to "WA Pages" and focused on website development and SEO (search engine optimization and online marketing). After gaining years of web development and marketing experience, Andrey decided to go back to his roots and put all of that experience into growing his computer repair business. So he changed his business name to "Emergency PC Services" and started providing 24/7 on-site computer repair services to the greater Seattle area. Shortly after, Paul, Andrey's friend, joined Emergency PC Services as a partner and as an on-site PC technician. A year later, they began looking to open a computer repair shop in south King county. In the summer of 2011, they opened a computer repair shop in Kent. In early October of 2016, Emergency PC Services relocated to Lexington Kentucky and provide remote support services.