07/05/2015: Review by Jennifer W.

           "I've been using Emergency PC for my business for 5 years. Andrey is amazing. I have a busy spa business in Bellevue and when my computers don't work, it is a disaster. Five years ago, I called Andrey and he showed up within an hour and saved my entire network from a huge server.. read more →

06/04/2015: Review by Mike D.

           "Andre the owner not only knows his stuff, but he knows how to take care of the customer! Very patient and professional at the same time. No over whelming "geek speak" at all. He had my notebook issue diagnosed and repaired within 4 hours! Quick turn around and fairly priced in my opinion.Support your.. read more →

05/30/2015: Review by Jim H.

           "I'm computer clueless. I downloaded, but couldn't install, a program. Andre spent about five minutes fixing that and another problem I was having. He's a super-professional guy; he said it was free but I insisted on paying. The shop (on the west side of Central, next to a bail bond place) may be a.. read more →

05/05/2015: Review by Jason G.

           "This place is great. Andre fixed my computer fast, patiently answered all my questions (I had many), charged me fairly, and even went that extra mile for me. He's a good dude to trust your computer with. I was so happy I tried to tip the guy and he wouldn't take it. A VERY.. read more →

04/22/2015: Review by Ernest D.

           "The best PC repair experience I have ever had!! My hard drive crashed and was worried it would not be recoverable. Andre was able to not only to recover it, but cloned the old hard drive to a new hard drive and installed into the existing PC. All th programs worked, all my bookmarks.. read more →

03/31/2015: Review by Gilbert A.

           "Wow, Andrey I was impressed. I was having a charging issue with my notebook. I did not know if it was a loose connection on the motherboard rendering my notebook almost worthless (not worth the extensive repair.) I was greeted warmly, explained my situation, very quickly he found a similar adaptor and tried it.. read more →

03/25/2015: Review by Ali M.

           "OK – I did not get my computer fixed here. My Lenovo's screen went dim suddenly. All my computer friends dinked around with it and determined since they couldn't fix it, it must be a hardware problem. I took it in, and it booted up just fine in the shop, we chatted a bit.. read more →

03/17/2015: Review by Kathryn D.

           "Fixed problems with my computer's DNS and other things I don't know about. 🙂 Fixed a fan that I had installed wrong, blew out all the dust and gave lots of really good information. Member Comments: I wish I could remember this guy's name. In any case, I've actually seen him twice, the first.. read more →

02/24/2015: Review by Lelya K.

           "Best experience I’ve had with computer repairs. Fast service and great staff!"  — Lelya K. (02/24/2015) Customer Reviews & Testimonials for Emergency PC Services read more →

11/18/2014: Review by Marison Z.

           "My bf and I went in to have our Alienware desktop looked at. We were so worried that the motherboard is dead. Turns out that the RAM sticks weren't plugged in all the way through. After Andrey put all the RAM sticks properly (my noob bf didn't do it correctly), the PC turned back.. read more →