01/13/2016: Review by Tommy E.

           "Quickly found my problem–a faulty charger. They did not charge, and even gave good counsel on how to avoid a repeat."  — Tommy E. (01/13/2016) Customer Reviews & Testimonials for Emergency PC Services read more →

01/11/2016: Review by Amber L.

           "We've taken our gaming PC here a couple times for various things (issues, upgrades, ect). Always quick, honest, reliable service. We will be customers for a long time!"  — Amber L. (01/11/2016) Customer Reviews & Testimonials for Emergency PC Services read more →

12/28/2015: Review by Marciel L.

           "Andrey is just outstanding, he came to my house at 6:38 pm Monday 12/14/2015, the problem I was having is I could not connect to the internet from my desk top computer. He diagnosed it, fixed the problem, tuned up both my Desktop and laptop. He even stayed longer than I paid for(I paid.. read more →

12/27/2015: Review by Chere L.

           "Had a "homemade" computer that wouldn't work, took it to the Geek place and they after three weeks they claimed they had fixed it, brought it home and wouldn't work. Found Andrey on yelp, was impressed by all the comments so brought my computer to him – he had it up and running in.. read more →

12/11/2015: Review by Yonatan D.

           "Andre went above and beyond to help me out in a time of crisis. The guy is a hard worker, intelligent and honest. The Windows 10 update destroyed my Acer Aspire v17 Nitro laptop because of some very odd issue with it requiring the battery to be removed from the machine. Andre worked hard.. read more →

10/20/2015: Review by Troy B.

           "When I needed to replace my computer, I paid the big box store (that shall remain nameless) where I “Best Bought” it to transfer the files. I told them that the most important thing was to get all of the music that I had imported on to my computer. It took them about 5.. read more →

10/17/2015: Review by Artis L.

           "I have this all-in-one computer that decided it did not want to work any longer! I was searching on the Internet for someone to repair my computer. I came across PC Emergency and after reading the reviews I decided to give them a call. I called and spoke with Frank and we made arrangements.. read more →

10/06/2015: Review by Jim B.

           "I have sent several people to Andre for their computer needs. I'm very careful who I recommend to people. I get 5 times the value for what i pay. He does the work on all my office computers. He is amazing at his knowledge and staying current with issues around us."  — Jim B. (10/06/2015).. read more →

09/20/2015: Review by Wendy G.

           "Andre was very quickly able to see that my files were save-able after my PC had been hacked. He then gave it a super tune up and now my system runs even faster and more efficient than it did when I first got it new! Best part: 24 hour turnaround time! Thank you!!"  — Wendy.. read more →

09/15/2015: Review by Tina M.

           "Great service! Super nice and fast! Laptop runs great again."  — Tina M. (09/15/2015) Customer Reviews & Testimonials for Emergency PC Services read more →