Are you backing up your files?

Are you backing up your files? If not, at the very least use an online backup service such as Carbonite to backup your personal files. The basic package ($60/year – unlimited storage) is usually more than enough for the average user. With this "invite a friend" link: you'll get $20 back (gift card. $75.. read more →

18 Dec 2013

12/17/2013: Review by Caitlin H.

           "Andrey is the best! My PC wouldn't POST for some reason. I tried cleaning the inside, swapping to my backup drive, and reseating the RAM, which is about the extent of my diagnostic capabilities. Nothing worked, so I brought it in for Andrey to look at. He was immediately able to test out a.. read more →

11/27/2013: Review by Harry M.

           "I normally don't write reviews, however, I was so impressed with the great service that I felt compelled to share this information. During the windstorm earlier this month, my wife's PC lost power and I heard a popping sound (yes…we have surge protection). I couldn't restart the computer and was thinking that maybe we.. read more →

11/10/2013: Review by Ross G.

           "I read the reviews from yelp about this place and spot on about Emergency PC. I spoke with Andrey about my CPU, he explained what was going on, how to fix it, and advance steps for the future. They said it could be ready in less than 24 hours, sure enough I got a.. read more →

Reordered Business Cards

Ah! We just about ran out of business cards. We gave out (by request of course) about 1000 business cards in the last 8 months — wow! We placed our business card order from Morning Print late on 10/28/2013 and they arrived today 11/01/2013, only 3 days later. Thank you Morning Print for the unexpected quick turnaround! We really like the nearly.. read more →

02 Nov 2013

Sometimes the system doesn’t work.

​​ And when the system doesn't work…   Outtakes ​   Special Thanks: Sarky Photography for shooting the photos read more →

30 Oct 2013

10/22/2013: Review by Tawnee C.

           "Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooo much! I owe a bit of thanks to the following, Catherine, Dave, Clint, and Emergency PC Services (owner Andrey) for keeping my work downtime to under 24 hours. Clint gave tireless hours of friendship making sure we troubleshooted as much as possible before having to take it to a shop. Dave.. read more →

10/02/2013: Review by David S.

           "Well, writing yet another glowing review of this business is probably not going to change anyone's mind, but I had to do it. He has a very small store front in downtown Kent sandwiched between a Taco stand and a bail bondsman. Passed it many times and thought it was too tiny to be.. read more →

09/07/2013: Review by Ellie M.

           "Andrey, Thanks for helping me with my hard drive (XP) to Win8 migration. The "Start" button works beautifully – I am telling all of my friends who are hesitant to buy Win8 machines that they should go ahead get the latest OS and give you a call. You are the best!"  — Ellie M. (09/07/2013).. read more →

Our computer repair shop turns 2!

Wow! Our shop has been around for 2 years already?! This year flew by fast because you've kept us busy. Our slowest month last year was in the summertime. So far, our busiest month EVER was this summer! That is just unbelievable… We are so humbled and grateful to God for everything and for everyone. We.. read more →

01 Sep 2013